💣Cancel Task

As a task creator, I want to cancel a task

A task creator should have the option to cancel a task as long as he has not accepted the developer's estimation.

Input parameters

  • TaskID

How to call from app

import { httpsCallable } from 'firebase/functions';

await httpsCallable(functions, 'cancelTask')({ taskId })


  1. Move the task back to drafts (We should maybe build a function for this so we don't have redundant logic)

  2. Remove developer from project members (projects/members) array if no other task with same projectId found

  3. We should send an email to the developer if There is someone assigned-

  4. Send First Email:

    • to_email_adress = email_of_assigned_person

    • template_name = "tasks-canceled-by-creator->developer"

    • data = {taskData: taskData, taskId: taskId}

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