Deadline reached

if the developer has not rejected or accepted the task within the deadline he will the task will be unassigned

Input parameters

  • TaskID

How trigger

function should trigger automatic when task deadline is reached.


  1. The backend should unassign a task after 48 hours if the Task is not accepted by deveoper.. (Probably not a http callable)

  2. get developer document in DB (users/uid)

    1. remove the ProjectId to the thirdPartyProjects array

    2. Then remove the taskId to the assignedTasks array

  3. the task could then be changed back to submitted or drafts, depending on isAssignedToPool boolean.

  4. Send an Email to developer and Creator:

  • Send First Email:

    • to_email_adress = email_of_assigned_person

    • template_name = "tasks-accept-deadline-reached->developer"

    • data = {taskData: taskData, taskId: taskId}

  • Send Second Email:

    • to_email_adress = email_of_task_creator

    • template_name = "tasks-accept-deadline-reached->creator"

    • data = {taskData: taskData, taskId: taskId}

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